What is Friends of Lower Greenville?

Lower Greenville is the area of Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas from Mockingbird Lane to Ross Avenue. It is also clearly the best neighborhood in Dallas!

Friends of Lower Greenville is a mouthpiece for this neighborhood to keep you informed about openings and closings, deals, events, and other things going on around Lower Greenville. Our mission is to promote and support the small and local businesses in the Lower Greenville neighborhood in Dallas, update residents on what's happening in our area, and bring people together.

Meet Christina

Hi! I'm Christina, the face behind Friends of Lower Greenville. I grew up in the Dallas area and have loved this neighborhood ever since my first beer at Truck Yard.

To help support both the neighborhood and the amazing small and local businesses in the area, I took over this brand and created this website to make our neighborhood at least a little bit better.

If you have any questions, comments, changes, updates, or other thoughts on Lower Greenville, please email me at hello@friendsoflowergreenville.com. I would love to chat!

Do you have any tips or updates on Lower Greenville?

Send us any rumors, opinions, history, questions, or other information you have about Lower Greenville and I'll make sure the neighborhood knows!

If I've gotten anything wrong or you have updates about a business, please send them below and I'll get the information updated as quick as I can.